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Wow. Sometimes I forget where I have blogs! I'm trying to pull myself together and get back on top of things.

Anyhow, I recently watched Twilight. Have you? I'm totally into vampires, so I was jonesing to see it, and I wasn't disappointed. My husband and son, however, were not as impressed. I found the sensuality enthralling. They missed that part of it completely. I wonder if there any men out there that DID key in to the sensually stimulating filming?

On a similar note, I did a search on "sensual, sexy movies" and came up with this link:

I thought, if you're bored and looking for an older film that's got some steaminess to it, you might want to check it out. Feel free to tell me what you think about Twilight, any of the movies on the list at about.com or any other movies you can think of that really turned you.

Until next time, CIAO!

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I just have to point you to this:

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What was the Wanton Werewolf Series at Extasy Books is now the Pack Series at Mojocastle Press.

I have cover art. The first 7 books will be coming out any day. Get ready!

The covers should be posted on my website and at Mojocastle soon.

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Covers for my werewolf books have been approved. So, the Wanton Werewolves will be coming soon.
Coming soon always makes me smile when I'm talking about erotica.

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I believe that kissing is one of those things that keeps romance alive between two people. Without it, a relationship is definitely missing a key element. Smiles are important, too.

I, myself, do my best to brush my teeth often during the course of every day, and to use breath refreshing gum, etc. 

Who wants to kiss someone with cottage cheese curds of old food growth on their teeth? Or someone with yellow or green teeth. (Coffee/ tea / tobacco stains?)

Come on, people. Use some tooth brushes more often. Look at your teeth, if they aren't somewhat close to white, use some Crest white strips or something. It's nasty to look at people who never clean their mouths.

I brush my teeth all the time, and I still note that sometimes my mouth isn't as fresh as it could be. (Meaning I still sometimes get bad breath.) Imagine how bad the breath is of people who don't brush their teeth much. It's gross. That's all I can say.

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If you had to say a fruit reminded you of sex, what would it be?
A banana is an obvious choice.
A peach?
A pear?
An apple?
Those are all shapes assigned to the female figure.

Any thoughts?
If you said, "A fruit reminded me of sex," I would think you were gonna tell me a gay joke.
Know any?

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I wrote a short story titled The Wet Spot. It's about a sex positive club where people can go and enjoy voyeurism or participate if they want, in just about any sort of sexual activity. It won an award at the Ozarks Creative Writers' Conference last year. It's been accepted by Phaze Publishing in a COMING TOGETHER anthology that will donate to Breast Cancer research.

I hope you check it out. They have other anthologies that donate to specific causes. So, you can read your erotica and feel good that you supported something worthwhile at the same time...if you want.

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I was at a health food store and saw a cream for men. Something to rub on the back of the knees and inside of elbows and on necks. Testosterone plus somatropin. The warning label said: Frequent erections may occur as a side effect from using this cream.

That didn't sound bad to me. I mean, shouldn't men all be using a testosterone cream? The little tiny tub was $40 so I figure it must be good stuff. But who can afford it?

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I love the sensual feel of skin on skin, sliding against another body at night, cuddling, laying my head on my husband's chest, touching his body, running my fingers over every inch of him, holding him intimately, and whispering that I love him--even when he's sleeping.

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I saw 300 last night. Talk about your amazing films.

Phenomenal script and cinematography and graphic artistry.

But most impressive, I think, was the number of ripped abs on that big screen. Sure, there were titties, too, but I'm a girl. The abs hooked me. Where are the men that look like that? (I know. In Hollywood.)

I can't even imagine how many hours it took to get in that shape without looking muscle bound oafish. Serious hard bodies. Should be great inspiration for writing about heroes. 

Just had to say, if you haven't seen that film yet, GO.

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